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SCANORAMA joined the European Film Festival Network

SCANORAMA joined the European Film Festival Network

In 2017 SCANORAMA, together with six other European film festivals, initiated the network “Moving Images – Open Borders”. All seven festivals are wholly devoted to European cinema with all its artistic facets, regional characteristics, and socio-political warps. At the program level the partner festivals are united by a focus on new voices and young talents of European cinema, who can familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of festival operations within the framework of the festivals and expand their contacts with the international film industry.

An ongoing exchange among the partner festivals is to be catalyzed in 2018, and in keeping with the idea of European networking, a Best Practice model is to be developed. Plans include intensifying the promotion of European filmmaking, joint marketing activities, and informal meetings with the goal of achieving immediate and lasting measures within the European festival landscape.

“Moving Images – Open Borders” is intended to be an informal network that is devoted 100 percent to creative filmmaking and Europe, and which provides all participating partner festivals with an opportunity to profit from exchanging experiences in terms of organization and program on a long-term basis.