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Cannes Selection in Scanorama

Cannes Selection in Scanorama

As it does every year, the 16th European Film Forum Scanorama will pay its respects to the most significant European film festival and introduce a comprehensive Cannes favourites programme.

“The Cannes Festival is the highest artistic acknowledgment to cinema professionals. Scanorama founder and artistic director Gražina Arlickaitė said.

“An opportunity to present one’s works to the most demanding European audience of critics and viewers is significant in itself.”
“Only the most original films that meet highest cinema standards can expect a recognition in Cannes and, therefore, only competitors worthwhile reach the big screens.”
“In Cannes, Scanorama searches for movies meeting its core values; it helps forming the general body of Scanorama programme. The selection of this year’s Cannes Festival films is wide and colourful.”
“As a rule, both widely recognized cinema greats  and courageous newcomers that sometimes provocatively search for their own voice, are competing back to back.”

Between the classics and climax

The core of Scanorama’s Cannes selection are the winners of the festival. Already familiar to the Lithuanian audience, Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski and his Cold War won this year’s Cannes prize for Best Director. As the previous film, Ida, awarded numerous cinema prizes, Cold War is an homage to the classical cinema shot in black and white, contemplating complicated personal choices in the light of hardships of the history. It is a love story of a singer called Zula and a composer called Viktor.
In a multilayered drama, Pawlikowski explores destructive mutual attraction and creator’s choices during the time of totalitarian regime.

Happy as Lazarro, a film by Italian director and scriptwriter Alice Rohwacher that won the Best Screenplay award in the main competition, will take the audience to a naïve world of imagination. A world where magical realism and social critique intertwine seamlessly, and young Lazarro with his big dark eyes embodies the modern image of saint stupidity.

Extreme experiences are promised with the films Border by a Swedish-Iranian director Ali Abbasi and Climax by Argentian provocative film maker Gasparo Noé. The former will stun with an exposed exclusion from cultural context and unexpected perspectives on the topic of being different while the latter is a dangerous cocktail of places, where the frames of a traditional narrative and reality are destroyed. 

Worth Cannes attention

Next to Cannes winners, there is a list of new and interesting contemporary European directors introduced in various Cannes sections. Sensitively and meticulously exploring the theme of a disease, Euforia, introduced by Italian actress and director Valeria Golino, gained praises in Un Certain Regard section. Directors’ Fortnight introduced Petra by Spanish director Jaime Rosales, a film which goes deeper into relations between the artist and his roots. Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson will be a fun and cheerful way to commemorate the centennial of the independent Iceland, and Troubles with You by Pierre Salvadori will give a dose of an elegant and romantic French humor.

Cassandro the Exotico, a documentary by Marie Losier will introduce the eccentric king of exotico wrestling, that is continuously defeating the norms of society, while The Prince of Nothingwood by Sonia Kronlund, introduced in the same Cannes section as Cassandro, will expose the confrontation between the artist and the stereotypes during war in Afghanistan. Both directors are contemplating the significance of the everyday fight of an individual.

Cannes films selection will also include two legendary directors that Scanorama’s values have been based on since the very beginning: Ingmar Bergman and Lars von Trier. Two Bergman documentaries will be showed at both the Classics section and the Scanorama RetrospectiveSearching of Ingmar Bergman by German cinema mastermind Margarethe von Trotta and her son Felix Moeller, as well as Bergman: A Year in a Life by Jane Magnusson will open up the new perspectives towards the personal and professional life of cinema genius. Lars von Trier, who was once kicked out of Cannes and then accepted again, will try the limits of narrative with his most recent work, The House that Jack Built

European Film Forum Scanorama is taking place November 8 - 25 in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.