About NBK


New Baltic Cinema (NBC) is an international short film competitive programme, dedicated to young filmmakers, who still haven’t made their first full-length feature. It encompasses the whole Baltic sea region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany).

From 2008 to 2018 the competition was open for admissions only from young directors from the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). It aimed at reflecting the cinematic trends of these countries, their dominating topics and problems, while searching for emerging talents and putting them in the spotlight.

As the local filmmakers became more integrated in the network of non-commercial European cinema, in 2019 European film forum SCANORAMA has expanded the regional competition, making it an international one, encompassing all the countries from the region of the Baltic sea. The aim of such an expansion was to broaden the geography, strengthen the content of the programme by adding more colours of European cinema to it, as well as to stimulate the competition between the filmmakers within the region.

The new NBC programme consists of a Lithuanian short film selection (NBC I) and a selection from other countries of the Baltic sea region (NBC II). The new concept also includes a non-competitive selection of shorts from a guest country, which is not a part of the Baltic sea region. The selection presents the best short films to come from the guest country during the past five years.

Eligible to participate are short films (up to 35 min.) that have been created no longer than 2 years before the premiere in NBC. All genres and forms are welcome, including feature, animation, documentary and experimental films. The main criterions for selection are professionalism, creativity, artistic value and originality.

Since the aim of the programme is not only discovering, but also stimulating emerging talents, two prizes are being awarded at the competition: one for the best Lithuanian short and one for the best film of the programme. The winners are being selected by an international jury, consisting of acknowledged European film professionals.


New Baltic Cinema contacts:

E-mail: nbk@scanorama.lt