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Atrodė kaip apsėstas. Griebė keptuvę ir nudegino man ranką. O kai paklausiau kodėl, pasakė, kad Mergelė Marija jam taip liepusi.

Paolo Bressan spends his days at Gustino’s, who runs a tavern in a small village close to Gorizia. A 40 years old misfit, cynical and misanthropic man, a true drinking professional and a compulsive liar, reluctantly works at a retirement home cafeteria and is still unsuccessfully going after the dream of winning back his ex-wife Stefania. But things are about to change when Zoran shows up: a 15 years old kid with big glasses, whom Paolo ‘inherits’ from a distant Slovenian relative, who speaks in a weird way and seems a little bit retarded.


Venice Film Festival – FEDIC award, Special Mention – International Critics Week.

Matteo Oleotto

Matteo Oleotto was born in Italy in 1977. He graduates in acting and film direction. Before completely devoting himself to directing, he worked as lifeguard, car washer, night assistant, waiter, cook’s assistant, gardener, basketball referee and swimming instructor. He also worked as director of TV shows and commercials. Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot is his first feature film.