The Witch Hunters

Film stills

Pažįstu tokią raganą. Ji užkerėjo mano tėtį ir privertė jį išmesti mane su mama iš namų.

Ten-year-old Jovan was born with partial cerebral palsy. Shy and self-conscious, he often escapes in his imagination to a place where he is a crime-fighting superhero. His world shifts when a new girl arrives in his class. Milica, not intimidated by much, immediately enlists him to help her free her father from his girlfriend, whom she is convinced is a witch.


TIFF Kids International Film Festival – Young People's Jury Award

Raško Miljković

Raško Miljković studied performing arts in Belgrade. He's directed ads, video clips, and promo videos. His short live-acted productions include the films "Save" (2015) and "Kris" (2017). "The Witch Hunters" is his feature debut.