– Man nors ne dvylika. – Man irgi ne dvylika. Man trylika.

Stockholm, 1982. A film about Bobo, Klara and Hedvig. Three 13 year old girls who roam the streets. Who are brave and tough and strong and weak and confused and weird. Who have to take care of themselves way too early. Who heat fish fingers in the toaster when mom is at the pub. Who start a punk band without any instruments, even though everybody says that punk is dead.

You can watch the film on „ePasaka“: http://www.epasaka.lt/en


Venice Film Festival – presented in Horizons programme; selected for Toronto Film Festival.

Lukas Moodysson

Lukas Moodysson was born in Sweden in 1969 and studied film at the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. His debut feature, Fucking Åmål (1999) was presented and awarded in festivals worldwide (Berlin, Toronto, Karlovy Vary, Rotterdam and others). His other features include Together (2000), Lilya 4-ever (2002), A Hole in My Heart (2004), Container (2006), Mammoth (2009). He has also published several books of poetry. In 2009 Scanorama presented a programme “Focus on Lukas Moodysson”.