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Jūsų niekas nesieja. Tu švarus. Tik laikykis nuo jos atokiau, kol prasmuksit abu.

Sharp-suited Erik represents the aspirational face of modern Iceland. His brother Atli, a petty criminal just released from prison, is stuck in a downward spiral. However, the distance between these two very different brothers vanishes when they team up to smuggle cocaine into Iceland, inside plastic pellets swallowed by a young Polish mule, Sofia.

Börkur Sigthorsson

Börkur Sigthorsson started his professional career in photography at the age of 20 but quickly branched into directing. In 2004, he was signed as a director to the renowned UK music video production company Oil Factory, where he worked for a number of years. After writing an directing two award-winning short films, Börkur directed six episodes of the acclaimed TV crime drama "Trapped", created by Baltasar Kormakur. "Vultures" is Börkur's feature debut.