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Kaip žinome, didžiausia XX a. tragedija buvo Sovietų Sąjungos žlugimas. Laimei, mums ji tarsi neiširo... Nors mes ir turime tautinius simbolius, herbą, baltarusių kalbą, jie tarsi nereikalingi, laikini.

Belarus has been under dictatorship of Lukashenko for 15 years. Miron (23) is not interested in politics. However, the next concert of his ‘apolitical’ rock band triggers off an anti-regime manifestation. Miron is enlisted for the army for 15 months by way of punishment for ‘fomenting political unrest among young people’. And this is just a beginning... A film inspired by the story of Frank Viachorka, activist of the Belorussian opposition. Starring top Belorussian cinema and rock stars.


Brussels International Film Festival – Best Screenplay.

Krzysztof Lukaszewicz

Krzysztof Lukaszewicz was born in 1976, graduated in Economics and Management from the University of Szczecin and Journalism and Political Sciences from Warsaw University. He was an assistant director for With Fire and Sword and Quo Vadis and second unit director for many film and television projects. K. Lukaszewicz is an author of several books. His feature debute Lynch was presented in Scanorama in a year 2011.