Ugly and Blind

Film stills

- Ar tu labai akla?

- Labai.

Ferdi is ugly. And he desperately wants a girlfriend but he can't because: ugly. One day however he
meets Jona and Jona is blind. For the first time in his life, there is hope. What Ferdi doesn't know is
that Jona isn't really blind. She's just pretending.


Munich Film Festival – FIPRESCI AWARD

Tom Lass

Tom Lass started acting at the age of 15 in 1999. Since 2005 he became active behind the camera,
until eventually he became first A.D. He debuted with an improvised low budget feature, "Papa
Gold" (2011), which won, amongst others, the Association of German Film Critics Award at the
Achtung Berlin festival. "Ugly and Blind" is his third feature.