The Touch

Film stills

A bourgeois idyll of a married couple, Karin and Andreas, is interrupted by the arrival of David, an American archaeologist working on an excavation of an old church. It is not long before they find themselves confronting a raging passion. Although David who appears as a force of nature and dutiful Karin do not speak the same language and are embarrassed of their bodies this unconventional relationship reveals a role of senses. „The Touch“ is first Bergman‘s film in English presenting his ability to highlight the major themes of human being and mastership of actors.


National Society of Film Critics Awards of USA – nomination for Best Actress award

Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman (1918–2007) was born in Uppsala, Sweden. He studied at Stockholm University, while his professional career started in the Municipal Theater in Helsinborg. Throughout six decades of his cinematic work he created more than 50 films. The importance of Ingmar Bergman to the development of film cannot be overestimated. He is one of the great artistic explorers of the possibilities of the silver screen.