Kas turi pinigų, tas gerai apsirūpinęs. O kas neturi, tas nesuka galvos. Man visai tas pats, man vis vien, turiu aš pinigų ar ne.

Fanni has had enough of money and leaves to buy a tent. Anna has had enough of pigs and leaves the farmer - one needle in the hay. In the new game Fanni rolls the dice while Anna does not think twice, she knocks down all the pins. Together they raise their voice and shape one mutual tune. Differences attract each other, and jolly they move on - together on their distinct journeys, where their dreams are set - towards a new found liberty.


Sundance Film Festival – selected for World Cinema competition; Rotterdam International Film Festival – Tiger Award.

Daniel Hoesl

Daniel Hoesl was born in Austria in 1982. He studied at FAMU in Prague. After working in the arts for a while, he started to work for filmmakers like Ulrich Seidl (on his Paradise trilogy) and Michael Glawogger. D. Hoesl is founder of the production company/film collective A European Film Conspiracy. His feature film debut The Truth was premiered in 2008. Soldier Jane is his second feature film.