Searching for Ingmar Bergman

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Jis visada galvojo, kad yra per prastas.

In 1960 Margarethe von Trotta discovered a love for film at a screening of Bergman’s „The Seventh Seal“. It is no wonder that her new documentary begins on the same beach where the knight played a game of chess with Death. She offers a say to other artists whom he inspired: actor and director Liv Ullmann, French director and co-author of a book about Bergman Olivier Assayas, French director Mia Hansen-Løve and Swedish director Ruben Östlund, who shares his compatriot’s taste and explores a contemporary society precisely.


Cannes Film Festival – nomination for „Golden Eye“ award

Margarethe von Trotta, Felix Moeller

Margarethe von Trotta is an actor, scriptwriter and one of the foremost German film directors, a member of the New German Cinema movement, and one of the most important feminist filmmakers in the world.

Felix Moeller is a historian, actor and a director, whose body of work includes such films as "Harlan – Im Schatten von Jud Süß" (2009) and "Verbotene Filme"(2014).