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Twenty years after the Romanian Revolution Tavi Ionescu, a nice but somewhat immature man in his late thirties, finds out from his Securitate (Romanian Secret Police) file that he might be the father of a son he never knew about. Starting his own secret investigation, Tavi gets caught up in a complicated past that now comes to light to reveal some ugly truths, messing up his life and those of the people around him. For the first time in his life, Tavi is forced to take mature decisions.


Locarno International Film Festival – in competition.

Valentin Hotea

Valentin Hotea was born in Bucharest (Romania) in 1967. After graduating from the National University of Theater and Film (UNATC) in Bucharest, Valentin Hotea directed several short films, such as The Big Adventure and The Lesson. He also made several music videos and commercials before working for the national television, where he directed several documentaries and TV series such as Roberta (2000) and Sailor’s Daughters (2009). Roxanne is his feature film debut.