The title In the Open should be taken literally as the camera turns to details of a meagre and untouched landscape, which serves as projection surface for exploring the cinematic apparatus, and (de)constructing cinematic space, time, and movement. The human, a foreign body in this place, seeks a relationship to the landscape and the camera.

In the Open is a silent analog film-work, which relies totally on its images. The ideas, structures and movements of the film are generated from working with and thinking about the medium film. Therefore the only reasonable way to see In the Open is a film-projection, which regrettably is not (any more) possible in some festivals.


Rotterdam International Film Festival – European Short Film Award; European Film Awards – nominated for Best Short Film Award.

Albert Sackl, Markus Krispel, Franz Zar

Albert Sackls was born in 1977 in Austria. He studied philosophy and art history at the University of Vienna and fine arts at the Städelschule Frankfurt. He taught at the School for Independent Film, Vienna (2007-2010).Rotterdam International Film Festival – European Short Film Award; European Film Awards – nominated for Best Short Film Award.