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Ar nutuoki, kiek žmonių, kurie nekenčia Amerikos, nori joje gyventi?

While working in the US on a temporary visa, Mara, a single mother from Romania, marries Daniel,
an American. After the arrival of her son Dragos, everything seems to have fallen perfectly into
place. However, as the process of getting a green card veers unexpectedly off course, Mara is forced
to answer a dark question – how far would you go to get what you want?


Berlin International Film Festival – Panorama

Ioana Uricaru

Ioana Uricaru she has a MA in film and television production and a PhD in critical studies. She is an
alumna of the 2008 Berlinale Talent, participated in the Cinéfondation Residence in Cannes, the
Sundance Directors Lab and the Torino Film Lab.