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Kuro buvo visiškai juodas.

Romi, a Japanese woman living in Paris, works at a karaoke bar, and after work she looks after her paralyzed boyfriend, Milou, who doesn't speak. In an attempt to reach him and at the same time tame to heal her own loneliness, she starts telling him a story. She seeks shelter in the past, when they both lived in Japan. Her monologue, however, soon gets out of control.


New Horizons International Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival

Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko

Joji Koyama is a visual artist, graphic designer, animator and actor. He has made music videos for bands such as Mogwai, Coldcut and Four Tet. Tujiko Noriko is a visual artist, musician and vocalist living in Paris. She has collaborated with artists such as Peter Rehberg, Nobukazu Takemura and Lawrence English.