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Per pusę metų tapom tuo, kuo nenorėjom. Ir dabar mes čia.

In one year Kidd experiences what established artists scarcely experience during their career. He and his friends create the record label Cheff Records and they produce, release and distribute their own music. They are young, naïve and completely unbeatable. Kidd gives the music industry the middle finger and scares the hell out of them. But the question is, does he lose himself and ends up as a piece in an absurd media puzzle?


Brussels-Film Festival – Best Music Documentary; CPH:DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival) – Special Mention for Sound and Vision; Bodil Awards – nominated for Best Film; Rotterdam International Film Festival – selected for Bright Future section.

Andreas Johnsen

Andreas Johnsen was born in 1974 in Copenhaguen, Denmark, he directed a few TV series, as well as several documentaries, includingInside Outside (2005), Good Copy Bad Copy (2007), and Nastasja(2008). Since 2003 Johnsen has directed, produced and financed his own films from start to end and won several film prizes all over the world. Johnsen is interested in social issues and differences in the world. He is curious about artists, especially in third world countries, and how they manage to develop and produce their art, often under extreme circumstances.