Film stills

Negalvoju apie savo ateitį. Apie nieką negalvoju. Visada tokia buvau.

Lithuanian protagonist Julia K. surprises us with her poetic insights as we meet young woman at her job. Julia is a transsexual street hustler and tells us how she paints to relax. Her lifestyle is so tough that she is now at the brink of total physical collapse at the age of 30. Julia is a ‘long term portrait’ of today 30 years old transsexual woman, who came to Berlin when she was 18 years old. Since then working as a prostitute – the last 8 years on the strip on notorious Frobenstrasse. A story of faith and disbelief. Of uprootedness and belonging.

J. Jackie Baier

J. Jackie Baier was born in Kiel in 1955. She graduated from the University of Essen in 1982. Throughout the 1980s she was working in the independent film scene of West Germany. J. Baier produced and directed documentaries and short films. Since 1997 Johanna Jackie Baier is officially a woman. She works as photographer and TV director. Her documentary film House of Shame: Chantal All Night Long was screened in Scanorama in 2011.