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Negali ilgėtis savo mamos, jei jos niekada nepažinojai.

Sofie and Daan are fraternal twins, but that is all they have in common - except for their two fathers, who raised them. One day, their biological mother Jackie calls from a hospital in the U.S. with a complicated fractured leg needing their help. The sisters travel to the U.S. and are disappointed by reality: Jackie is a stern woman who doesn’t seem to have any interest in her daughters. Nevertheless, they embark on a trip across the desert of New Mexico to get Jackie to the rehabilitation centre. On the road in Jackie’s old and shabby RV, this becomes an adventurous and life-changing journey filled with confrontations, challenges and surprises.


Netherlands Film Festival – Golden Film, nominated for Best Actress.

Antoinette Beumer

Antoinette Beumer was born in 1962. Graduated from the Amsterdam Theatre School as director. She established herself as a director of successful television series. Her documentary See You In Vegas was well received by the critics. Her 2010 adaptation of the bestseller The Happy Housewife was a big hit and received the Platinum Film status. Antoinette’s next film Loft is her second Platinum Film in one year time.