A Hustler‘s Diary

Film stills

Mes žinom, kad svarbiausia tylėt. Jei praveri burną vieną kartą, tai jau vienu kartu per daug.

Metin is a respected suburb guy in Stockholm who gets by as a thief but dreams to be an actor. During a failed audition at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, he loses his diary which is found by a professor who thinks it has potential. Thus, Metin is unexpectedly thrown into the world of the liberal intellectual elite, and finds their ways just as baffling as they find his.


Rotterdam International Film Festival – part of „Voices“; Warsaw International Film Festival – Audience Award

Ivica Zubak

Ivica Zubak is a Croatian-Swedish director, actor and screenwriter. He attended a directing course at the University Collage of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm and studied scriptwriting at Runo folk High School.