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– Nusprendžiau, kad ir ką veiksiu gyvenime, niekada taip nebeapleisiu savo sielos.

– Sielos?.. Apie ką tu čia?

Michael, a Danish gangster, takes his girlfriend, Sascha, and his extended criminal family on a luxury vacation to Turkey. Shopping, waterparks, barbecuing, and hardcore partying fill their days and nights. But when Sascha befriends a Dutchman with romantic designs on her, she toys with Michael’s authority and creates a situation that cannot end well.


Sundance International Film Festival; New Horizons International Film Festival – Grand Prix

Isabella Eklöf

Isabella Eklöf studied Film Studies in Gothenburg and Copenhagen. She has made over a dozen of short films. Her diploma film, “Notes From Underground”, brought her the prestigious Bisballeprisen prize in Denmark. She worked on the production of the acclaimed “Let the Right One In” and co- wrote “Border”, which won a FIPRESCI award at the Cannes Festival.