The Good Heart

Film stills

Baras – vyro šventovė, į kurią atėjęs jis pasijunta laisvas, visiškai saugus, žino, kad čia jo nesutrukdys jokia moteris.

Young homeless man Lucas fails in a suicide attempt. Short-tempered bartenderJacques has a heart- attack. They share a room in the hospital and agree that Lucas can stay in the bar, and that Jacques will coach him to become his successor. The director reveals a bar as a sacred place of men wich has it’s special philosophy and rules.


Toronto International Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival

Dagur Kári

Dagur Kári is an Icelandic director and writer. He has graduated from the National Film School of Denmark and created three short films. „Noi the Albino“ is his debute feature film wich achieved international succsess. „Scanorama“ presented a retrospective of the director (2006) and his newest feature „Fúsi“ (2015).