Good Favour

Film stills

– Jis stebuklingas.

– Ką jūs čia šnekat?

– Jis moka daryti nepaprastus dalykus.

In the forests of Central Europe, a devout Christian community is suffering a crisis of faith following a
series of unsettling incidents. When a young man stumbles onto their compound bearing scars of
trauma, the community welcomes him in and nurses him back to health. As the mystery of where he
comes from only grows, the community puts him to the test to find answers.


Toronto International Film Festival

Rebecca Daly

Rebecca Daly studied theatre at Trinity College and completed an MA in Film (DIT). Her first feature
film, “The Other Side Of Sleep” (2011) premiered in Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival
and in the Discovery section of Toronto International Film Festival. Her second feature "Mammal"
(2016) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and the Rotterdam Film Festival.