Film stills

Kad ir koks būtų tikslas, žmogus jo siekia žiauriais būdais.

The 55 years old man arrives to a nursing home in Lioliai village after 28 years spent in jail. One-legged and drug-addicted, Povilas becomes unofficial “boss” of the nursing home manipulating and violently abusing the villagers and the elderly people living with him in the same institution. To earn his living, the man goes to Vilnius, the capital, to beg for money.

Ričardas Marcinkus

Ričardas Marcinkus was born in 1979. He graduated graduated from Vilnius Design Colleague with Ba in photography in 2000. Since 2009 R. Marcinkus is studying TV and Film directing in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since 2005 he is working as a director and cameraman in video production company. R. Marcinkus has made several short fiction films, recognized music videos and documentaries. Final Destination is his first full-length documentary film.