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Mes esame tik intarpas Žemės vystymosi procese. Ir, veikiausiai, labai trumpas intarpas.

The Expedition to the End of the World is a film about the origins of the world, the end of human civilisation, and life on earth once we are gone. A road movie into unknown regions of the globe and mind – on an Arctic schooner heavily armed with art and science bound for the most spectacular nature in Northeast Greenland. Manmade speed and efficiency confront the power of ice, but no matter how far we travel, and how hard we try to find answers, the ultimate confrontation is with ourselves and our transience as a species.


Trento Film Festival – “City of Trento” Grand Prix; Docile Film Festival – Canvas Grand Prix.

Daniel Dencik

Daniel Dencik is a writer, poet and director from Copenhagen, Denmark. He Also works as editor and scriptwriter. His editing work includes Into Eternity (2010), Noi the Albino (2001) and Five Obstructions (2003). Moon Rider from 2012 was Dencik’s debut as a documentary film director. Dencik has published four books. His latest book “Via katastroferne” is nominated for the best Literature of the year 2012 in Denmark.