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Žmogus iš tiesų tėra gyvūnas. Jis rūpinasi tik savimi ir savo jaunikliais. O galiausiai jis vis tiek daro tai, kas jam sakoma.

Burning Bush is the story of the political intrigue 
and fight for freedom in communist Czechoslovakia 
following the self-sacrifice by Jan Palach, the young 
student who set fire to himself in Prague in January 
1969, and the legal efforts of his family to clear 
his name in the face of the oppressive communist 
propaganda machine. The film was made for HBO 
Europe as a three-part miniseries.
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – screened 
in the Special Events section; Toronto International 
Film Festival – selected to be screened in the 
Special Presentation section; Monte-Carlo TV 
Festival – Golden Nymph for the Outstanding Actor 
in a Mini-Series.

Agnieszka Holland

Agnieszka Holland was born in Warsaw in 1948. 
She is is famous Polish film and TV director and
screenwriter. In 1971, she graduated as a film 
director from Academy of Performing Arts in 
Prague (FAMU). Her first feature film, Provincial 
Actors (1979), won the FIPRESCI Prize at Cannes. 
A. Holland is best known for her Oscar-Nominated 
Angry Harvest (1985), Europa, Europa (1990), In 
Darkness (2011) and many other features such as 
To Kill a Priest (1988), Olivier, Olivier (1992) etc.