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Aš tavęs nemečiau. Taip nutiko, nes visi kišasi į mūsų reikalus.

Cobain comes from a broken home, but he is not a broken soul yet. He cares deeply for his mother
Mia, who basically lives on the streets and just can’t get a grip on her life. So when Mia gets
pregnant again, Cobain takes responsibility and tries to help Mia to be a good mother for once.


Berlin International Film Festival – “Generation”; Crossing Europe Film Festival – Best Film

Nanouk Leopold

Nanouk Leopold studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and the Netherlands Film
and Television Academy in Amsterdam. Before making her feature film debut, she worked as a
director in Dutch television. Her films "Wolfsbergen" (2007) and "Brownian Movement" (2010)
screened in Forum while "It’s All so Quiet" opened the 2013 Panorama Special programme. She is a
member of the Society of the Arts of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.