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Bet jis yra tas pats žmogus, ar buvo 44-ais, ar dabar. Aš taip įsivaizduoju, kad ir jo kaulai turi gulėti ten, kur turi gulėt. O dabar – kažkur tai po ąžuolu.

Three soldiers with no names lie beneath the roots of an oak. Two are Russians and one is a German. They were buried there during the war at night, in secret, fearing everyone and everything. They shared one grave pit for seventy years. Has the fear that had bound people seventy years ago finally disappeared? After all these years, has the road to the eternal resting place for these soldiers become easy to find?

Audrius Stonys

Audrius Stonys was born in Vilnius in 1966. Director, producer, member of European Film Academy and European Documentary Network. Studied TV and film directing in Vilnius Conservatory (1984-1989). Trained at Jonas Mekas Anthology Film Archives in New York. His films got many international film awards. In 1992 the film Earth of the Blind received the European Film Academy’s Felix Award as the Best European Documentary Film of the Year.