A Cat with a Dog

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Meilė yra pati svarbiausia. Išgydysiu jį meile.

Janusz is a well-known Polish director, and his relationship with his brother Andrzej is a difficult one.
However, when Andrzej suddenly falls ill, despite a wall of misunderstandings that has grown
between them, Janusz is taking it upon himself to care for his brother in need.


New Horizons International Film Festival, Gdynia International Film Festival

Janusz Kondratiuk

Janusz Kondratiuk studied at the Łódź Film School. As a director, he developed his own style based
on unmasking the absurdities of life by mixing elements of fiction and documentary. This approach
had its greatest success in the film "Dziewczyny do wzięcia" (1972), which today enjoys cult status.