Bergman: A Year in a Life

Film stills

Kinas toks paslaptingas ir įstabus todėl, kad jis aplenkia intelektą ir kreipiasi tiesiogiai į tavo sąmonę ir pasąmonę. Būtent todėl jis toks pavojingas.

Between 1957 and 1963 something unbelievable happens. A lanky Swede, about to turn forty, enters a film production. During six-year period he directs some of the greatest classics in the history of cinema, produces a number of theatre productions for the stage and radio and directs also TV films. In terms of contemporary filmmakers Ingmar Bergman remains largely unequaled. Jane Magnusson reveals previously untold stories about Ingmar Bergman’s life and discloses his creative methods, complicated character, passions, doubts and fears through his own words.


Cannes Film Festival – Jane Magnusson nominated for „Golden Eye“ award; San Sebastian Film Festival – nomination of competitive section „Zabaltegi Tabakalera“

Jane Magnusson

Jane Magnusson, born in Sweden in 1968, is a Swedish film critic and writer. She has co-directed award winning Swedish documentary Ebbe – The Movie (2009) as well as written the script to the comedy The Swimsuit Issue. Trespassing Bergman is born out of the documentary TV-series Bergman’s Video which she co-created together with Hynek Pallas. Her film "Trespassing Bergman" (2013) has also been presented at "Scanorama".