Beautiful Things

Film stills

Kiekvienas europietis per gyvenimą išmeta vidutiniškai 13 tūkst. šiukšlių maišų, arba 500 kg. šiukšlių kasmet.

Van is the maintenance man on an oil rig. Danilo is the chief engineer of a freighter. Andrea is a scientist, working in the silence of the anechoic chamber. Vito is in charge of an immense reinforced-concrete pit for waste. These men, unwittingly, provide the basis for the whole sequence of creation, transport, marketing and destruction of the objects that feed our bulimic lifestyle. And we don’t even know that they exist.


CPH:DOX – Next:Wave Award

Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin

Federico Biasin is a DOP, producer and a filmmaker and Giorgio Ferrero is a composer, director, filmmaker and photographer.