Angels of the Universe

Film stills

Ar žinai, ką filosofas Hėgelis pasakė, kai kažkas jam pareiškė, kad jo teorijos neatitinka tikrovės? „Vargšė tikrovė, jai tikriausiai labai nesmagu.“

Páll slowly descends into madness and depression. In a mental hospital he meets Óli, who believes he's the songwriter for „The Beatles“, Viktor, who signs cheques with the signature of Adolf Hitler, and other special characters. The movie depicts his struggle, both in and out of the mental hospital.


Edda Awards, Iceland – Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Music, Best Sound; European Film Award – Audience Award, nomination
for the Best Actor; International Karlovy Vary Film Festival – FIPRESCI Award, Special Award of the Jury; International Santa Barbara Film Festival – Best Foreign Language Film

Fridrik Thór Fridriksson

Fridrik Thór Fridriksson is one of the most original Icelandic authors, film directors and producers. He started his film making career with experimental films and documentaries. He led the Film Club of universities, founded one of the first Icelandic Film archieves, was one of the initiators of the Reykjavik International Film Festival. His feature films „White Whales“ (1987), „Children of Nature“ (1991) and „Devil‘s Island“ (1996) and „Falcons“ (2002) achieved international succsess.