And Breathe Normally

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Plauksiu iki Kanados, pažadu, plauksiu. Ir negrįšiu, jei manęs neįleis. Nė už ką.

Despite fighting personal demons, Lara is a devoted mother to her son, Eldar. One day, training for a job at the airport, she spots a suspicious passport, resulting in Adja, a female refugee, being detained. Days go by and the two women’s paths continue to cross in the small town, resulting in a unique bond. "And Breathe Normally" is a politically charged story of two women and how they are able to alter the course of each other’s lives.


Sundance Film Festival – Best Director

Isold Uggadottir

Ísold Uggadóttir is an award-winning director from Iceland. Her accolades include multiple nominations for the Icelandic Edda Awards and two wins for best short, in addition to multiple festival awards.